New York City Ballet: New Combinations at David H Koch Theater

New York City Ballet Tickets

David H. Koch Theater | New York, New York

New York City Ballet

The stunning David H. Koch Theater is excited to announce New York City Ballet: New Combinations on Saturday 24th February 2024! This Ballet performance is made up of an all-star group who are ready to give you an breathtaking evening of top quality Ballet! From the iconic location in New York you will be able to enjoy this unrivalled event. Best of all, the David H. Koch Theater has some of the greatest staging and seating in New York, and that’s because the David H. Koch Theater wants all their guests to leave with the smile that they deserve. So come on down and enjoy the finest Ballet performances in New York City Ballet: New Combinations! Tickets are shifting fast, so secure yours here today.

The thing that makes ballet stand out from other art forms is it’s vulnerability. You are not witnesing a pre-recorded scene done hundreds of time before it was shown to you. You are watching a human in their vulnerability, right there on stage in front of you, being fully honest and authentic. This and much more is what ballet brings to us -more than another night out on the town but a real human connection. And to think that you are just one click away from playing your part of that. Save the date, Saturday 24th February 2024, as New York City Ballet: New Combinations - the leading ballet performance of 2024 is coming to David H. Koch Theater to take you on a journey like no other. The New York arts and dance scene never fails to impress, make sure that you are a part of it. Get your ticket now!

New York City Ballet at David H. Koch Theater

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