Maximize your enjoyment of your David H. Koch Theater experience by reading and adhering to the following rules and policies.

Accessible Policy

Koch Theater has several accessible seating options available on a first-come, first-served basis. These seats and availability are detailed below. If you find that accessible seating is sold out, please contact customer service at 212-496-0600.

If you are a patron with limited mobility and want to deal with as few stairs as possible, your best drop-off point is at Columbus Avenue and 63rd St under the canopy. Then you would follow the ramp to the theater’s Lobby where there is elevator access into the auditorium. Patrons with accessibility needs can also go to the north-south drive between 65th and 62nd Streets for accessible access to the David H. Koch Theater via the lower level of Lincoln Center. If you are dropped off by the grove at the northwest corner of 62nd Street and Columbus Avenue, you should proceed north along the side of the David H. Koch Theater (toward the main Lincoln Center Plaza) and turn left at the under the theater’s canopy and proceed until you reach the main lobby entrance.

A wheelchair-accessible elevator is located to the right of the Box Office windows in the lobby and can take you from the lobby to the orchestra level. There are elevator banks on the orchestra level that can access the other levels of the theater.

Applause Policy

Audiences tend to wait until all movements or sections of a piece are complete before clapping.

Arrival Policy

The David H. Koch Theater recommends that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled concert or event to give you plenty of time to find your seat.

Children Policy

All patrons, including small children sitting in laps, must have a ticket to enter the theater. All performances are appropriate for guests ages 5+. If a patron of any age is disruptive during an event they and their guardian may be asked to leave. If you need help with selecting the best performances or programs for younger audiences, please call the box office at 212-496-0600.

Late Arrival Policy

David H. Koch events and performances begin promptly at the announced start times. There is no late seating allowed during events. Latecomers will be asked to wait in the lobby until intermission or when the curtains drop for a pause in the performance. If you arrive on time and have to leave the auditorium during work, you will not be reseated until the pause or an intermission. To avoid frustration, please arrive no less than 10 minutes before showtime so you have plenty of time to find your seat.

Lost and Found Policy

If you lost any items during your visit, please call Lost & Found at 212-870-5569. Please be prepared to leave a detailed message with your name, full contact information, detailed description of the lost item, and the date and time of the performance you attended. Event staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Photography and Video Policy

Photography, video, and audio recording are prohibited in the auditorium.

Prohibited Items

The David H Koch Theater prohibits the following items.

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Outside food and beverages

  • Photography, Video, Sound recording equipment

You can call the Box Office at 212-496-0600 if you have any questions.

Refund Policy

All ticket sales are final. David H. Koch theater does not allow refunds or exchanges for any reason.