New York City Ballet: The Nutcracker at David H Koch Theater

New York City Ballet Tickets

David H. Koch Theater | New York, New York

New York City Ballet

Are you a ballet master? Or just love to come along for the artistic atmosphere and relaxed environment? Well Sunday 17th December 2023 you're lucky enough to have the magnificent New York City Ballet: The Nutcracker visit your home town New York, New York for a thrilling night of perfectionism, awe-inspiring, out of this world - ballet. It's going to be stunning! The most exciting night you'll have in 2023! Held at the finest venue in town - David H. Koch Theater, you'll be at home and in a perfect location to continue you evening for dinner and cocktails! Makesure you're there in December, it'll be a memorable experience for sure! Click 'get tickets' to book yours today!

Are you an avid ballet fan or new to the scene? If you’re after chills down the spine, you might find that watching professional ballet dancers does the trick just as much as listening to music. Get that! It’s proven that, like music, watching dance performances can provoke visual imagery and personal memories in you and your loved ones! So not only will you be diving into the inspiring story of New York City Ballet: The Nutcracker, but you will also be experiencing something quite unique: the effect of dance! This December you can gain the experience to see New York City Ballet: The Nutcracker as it makes it way round the country on tour and makes a stop off at David H. Koch Theater. The New York arts and dance scene never fails to impress and tickets for ballet events are flying off the shelfs. As one of the most talked about performances of 2023. New York City Ballet: The Nutcracker has been gaining all of the ultimate reviews where-ever it travels to. Get your ticket now!

New York City Ballet at David H. Koch Theater

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