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american ballet theatre at david koch theaterGet ready for a spectacular display of dance, art, beauty, and incredible music all rolled into one performance! The illustrious New York-based American Ballet Theatre is gearing up for season 2023 with a bang! For this year’s exciting spectacles, the classical ballet powerhouse will deliver a series of incredible titles at the state-of-the-art entertainment venue, the David H Koch Theater! Ballet enthusiasts can look forward to outstanding showcases, Petite Mort, Etudes, Ballet Imperial, The Dream, and many more! This amazing plethora of performances is organized into three programs: Classics Old and New, 20th Century Works, and 21st Century Works! These performances are designed to demonstrate the company’s incredible talents, as well as the artistic vision of esteemed choreographers! Led by artistic director Susan Jaffe, American Ballet Theatre is guaranteed to make an impact this fall with groundbreaking performances! If you want to experience these visually and aurally stunning showcases, then you better hurry and secure your tickets now!

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“A dazzling display of movement and colors!” – Third Coast Review

“Topped all other ballet programs this season!” – Maryland Theater Guide

“Cleanly executed classical phrases of choreography!” – The Ballet Herald

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American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is currently one of New York City’s most illustrious and esteemed ballet companies. This organization is recognized as the leader in the world of ballet. The fall and winter season has made David H. Koch Theater its home. The world-class venue will host ABT’s countless performances that will conquer its plentiful fall season. Led by its current artistic director, Susan Jaffe, ABT has a number of exciting showcases, such as the one-night spectacle Fall Gala, which will showcase beloved classic and contemporary performances. This one-time-only event will demonstrate the immense skill and grace of ABT’s principal dancers, as well as showcase young talents from the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School and ABT Studio Company. The Fall Gala performance falls on October 24th, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. at the David H. Koch Theater.

Classicals Old and New features three remarkable repertoires: Piano Concert No. 1, Petite Mort, and Etudes. This showcase will run from October 19th to 21st, 2023, at the David H. Koch Theater. 

If you have a taste for great piano music, you must bring yourself to the aurally pleasing Piano Concerto No. 1. This one-of-a-kind showcase features the music of legendary composer Dmitri Shostakovich. The performance has been described as demonstrating brilliant spinning leaps and gravity-defying jumps, as well as having dreamy movements choreographed by the esteemed Alexei Ratmansky. 

Another highly influential and talented choreographer, Jiri Jylian, with the assistance of Elke Schepers, will showcase the fantastic talents of ABT dancers through the groundbreaking Petite Mort. First premiered at the Salzburg Festival on August 23, 1991, Petite Mort features the powerful music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In collaboration with costume designer Joke Visser and lighting-designed Joop Caboort, Kylian pulls out all the stops for this creation. Petite Mort was actually created on the second-century anniversary of Mozart’s death. 

If charming ballerinas are your thing, you should check out this masterpiece by Harald Lander titled Etudes. This 46-minute showcase is a lovely repertoire that first premiered in 1948 by the Royal Danish Ballet. In 1961, ABT premiered Etudes for the first time in New York. This fall, Etudes is led by a brilliant creative team comprising orchestrator Knudgae Riisager, staging by Thomas Lund, artistic advisor Lise Lander, and lighting designer Nanane Porcher. Etudes will feature the captivating music by Carl Czerny. Etudes may seem like a display of technique, “choreographic fireworks,” and art. 

Another highly-anticipated program, 20th Century Works, features the genius of modern choreographers George Balanchine and Frederick Ashton. Guests can catch this program from October 21st to 26th with a total of four performances. Groundbreaking ballet is what ABT is famous for, and the 38-minute repertoire, Ballet Imperial, is the perfect example. Choreographed by the legendary George Balanchine, whose credits include the very first full production of The Nutcracker in America, Ballet Imperial is said to “evoke the era of Russia’s Imperial Ballet.” Attendees can look forward to a fantastic performance exuding grandeur and elegance, similar to Balanchine’s famous Theme and Variations showcase. Ballet Imperial’s world premiere was performed by the American Ballet Caravan in 1941 and held in New York. ABT performed the show for the first time in 1988. 

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A 52-minute repertoire, The Dream is an ode to Shakespear’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The beguiling masterpiece features the music of Felix Mendelssohn, with set and costumes by David Walker and lighting by John B. Read. Set in the magical woods of Victorian England, The Dream is a retelling of the beloved Shakespeare masterpiece guaranteed to wow its audiences.

“What a thrilling piece this is!” – Observer

For its fall showcase, the American Ballet Theatre will be featuring several more amazing performances, such as the 21st Century Works program featuring the repertoire Single Eye by Alonzo King, Depuis Le Jour by Gemma Bond, and On the Dnipro by Alexei Ratmasky. 

Past performances of the American Ballet Theatre have earned the praise of many fans and critics. In the repertoire of Zigzag by Jessica Lang, ABT’s performance was described as “a dazzling display of movement, colors, and patterns from the dancers” by the Third Coast Review. The writer declared that American Ballet Theatre served a legacy of longing and nostalgia. In another recent review from the Maryland Theater Guide, ABT’s touring production caught the admiration of many of its viewers. “American Ballet Theatre’s opening night topped all other ballet programs this season.” 

As American Ballet Theatre makes David H. Koch Theatre its home for the fall festivities, attendees can look forward to an excellent run of shows at the state-of-the-art venue. The theater is home to many of New York’s most exciting and esteemed entertainment. Meanwhile, guests can anticipate a great experience thanks to the theater’s luxurious ambiance, excellent facilities, awe-inspiring architecture, and top-tier acoustics, lights, stage, and sound technology. Furthermore, the theater has received countless praises for its great customer service and easy accessibility. David H. Koch Theater’s outstanding features indeed make it a top-notch venue for world-class ballet companies like the American Ballet Theatre. 

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